Elixir of Sage for the New Year


Sage is a healer.  Used for centuries, the name means 'the savior' or 'the healer'.  Sage is tonic for the immune system, nervous system, and digestive system providing deep healing and restoration.  The healing properties of sage have been recognized for centuries. 

Crafting your own Elixir of Sage is a delicous way to get to know this herb better.  The ingredients are simple:

  • A bundle of fresh sage leaves
  • Organic pear brandy (or other brandy of choice but the pear brandy is is amazing)
  • Honey
  • Water

Fill a jar with chopped sage leaves, the finer you chop the sage the more you can fit in the jar.   Pour pear brandy in the jar to just cover the sage leaves, you want to make sure the elixir is concentrated.  Allow the sage to infuse in the brandy for 4-weeks. 

After 4-weeks strain the sage leaves from the brandy, squeezing out as much of the herbal goodness as you can. 

Make a honey simple syrup and sweeten to taste.  I prefer less sweet, you may prefer more sweet. 

Enjoy your sage elixir.  A spoon-full a day is very restorative.   Or mix with soda water for an aromatic and refreshing beverage. 

Keely M.