Gathering Hypericum

Hypericum perforatum, otherwise known as St. Johns Wort is a plant which radiates happiness on a sunny day.  With yellow flowers that stain your fingers red when you squeeze them, and bathe you in an uplifting aura, its easy to get lost in time while gathering Hypericum.  

St. John's Wort lives in sunny locations and typically blooms around the summer solstice, although here in the Wenatchee Valley I often finding St. John's Wort blooming in early June.   Hypericin and hyperforin, the medicinal constituents of hypercium are at their most potent on hot sunny days. So, on the hottest day (so far) in June, a day that saw triple digits, I headed out to harvest hypercium blossoms and buds. 

This particular hypericum patch was growing near a pond, along the Wenatchee River.  While bathed in sunlight and the yellow glow of hypericum blossoms, I listened to the breeze, enjoyed unexpected artwork, and admired the handiwork of the engineers.....ahem beavers. 

Solar infused in sweet almond oil on the summer solstice, St. Johns Wort Oil is an effective remedy to reduce pain and speed skin regeneration for sunburns, other burns, wounds, sore muscles, sciatica and other nerve pain.  Used as an ingredient in lip butter, St. Johns Wort eases the sting of chapped lips and supports skin regeneration.

Keely M.