Sweet Cheeks Box Set

Sweet Cheeks Box Set

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Give the gift of herbal facial care, local + wildcrafted.

This care package includes

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Rose Hip Facial Serum. One of the first in our topical skin care line, this luxurious oil is the perfect after shower treat, midday pick up, and night time indulgence. Sea buckthorn oil is what gives it it's iconic glow both in the bottle and on your skin. Rose hip oil is a classic addition for it's bioavailable vitamin C content. Camellia oil (the tea plant) provides nurture and tonification, while keeping your cheeks healthy. Organic virgin Rose hip oil, organic virgin camellia oil, organic virgin sea buckthorn oil, pomegranate oil, helichrysum essential oil, rose absolute, and neroli essential oil.

Rose Water Hydrating Toner. Our latest addition to our skin care is a classic simple expression of nurturance and love. Spray on after a wash with our licorice + elderberry oleogel or keep around for a midday refresher. Our Rose Water Hydrating Toner is paired with witch hazel, honeysuckle, and Aspen to give a well-rounded approach to self-care.

Eyebright Serum. Eyebright is an herb tradtionally used to clear unwanted stress and strain of the eyes. Typically used in a wash, we infused eyebright into an oil for a longer lasting and more effective approach to under eye care. Apply a small amout the the under eye area at night and in the morning.

Licorice + Elderberry Cleansing Oleogel. Warming, moist, and driving; licorice is a long-time remedy for adrenals, kidneys, guts, and balance. Refreshing on cold winter days with its iconic smell and taste, licorice provides the perfect nourishment for sluggish and dull skin, aiding in circulation and water movement. Elderberry adds anthocyanins, nutrients, and vitamin C to protect and heal.

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