Soleseife: salt brine soap

Soleseife: salt brine soap


Join us in our rainforest adventures (more on our youtube channel). Here we are collecting sea water for a very special release soap bar. The Soleseife. AKA Pisces Moon.

We didn't make up the name (pronounced zo-luh-zy-fuh). It is a traditional salt bar in Germany, which is a lovely alternative to typical salt bars.

The difference between a soleseife and a traditional salt bar is in the water brine used as liquid, as opposed to adding salt directly to the bar. The salt addition hardens bars more so then non salt bars, which can make for a well polished finish. It also makes for a nice rough scrub. And as most things with salt; it is "drawing". This means it sucks out all your toxins, evil spirited nature, and even your zits.


Jk. Kind of. I always like to make fun of anything in the industry that claims to remove toxins. Because, like, only your body does that. Anywho, if you want more soap boxes on how medical and health marketing is totally bogus and you don't need to buy °*anything*° including our products in order to be healthy, head over to our sister clinic page at

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