Slices of Preserved Winter

Slices of Preserved Winter

Yes please. I've been dishing out on a jar of preserved lemons I received and it got me thinking of preserving the other things I adore about winter. 


So here it goes, our aim at keeping a slice of herbal winter throughout the year. 


I decided on blood oranges because, well, they are by far one of the prettiest citrus balls. I also grabbed some traditional lemons, cara cara oranges, grapefruits, and a good old navel. I would recommend using what is available off hand to you. But if you absolutely want to make the picture, then go ahead and get adorned in the blood orange. 


You really can't go wrong here. Slice them however youd like to, add a bunch of salt between layers, top the jar with lemon juice (although I've read you can top it with orange juice, etc. I just don't trust the acidity). Put a layer of parchment paper on top and pack it with a lid. 


And that's pretty much it. Shake it every once in a while and it should be ready to consume within 4 weeks. 


Consume? That's right. Rind and all. It takes 4 weeks of the acid-salt to start breaking down the rough rinds, but when they do it results in a delicious spread that should be added to salads, risottos, hummus spreads, cheesecakes, and even speckled on toast and jam. 


So eat up! Citrus rind has a constituent called limonene that has been shown to fight cancer cells in vitro AND in vivo. That means we tested it in petri dishes and humans. 


We did a second batch with lemon and rosemary too. Check out our YouTube channel (and subscribe!) If you want to see the full layout. 


And stay tuned for our developments! This is our testing phase for an entire line of botanical provisions. Want to follow the process on instagram? Follow us at @pistilskitchen