Doug Fir Oxymeil & Syrup

Doug Fir Oxymeil & Syrup

I love Douglas Fir and currently in the middle of Spring it’s fresh tips are starting to show their color. The tips are easy to identify due to the dramatic color difference. Check out the pictures to see if you can identify them.

The fresh tips are softer than the mature needles and offer a more citrus forward flavor. High in volatile oils and vitamin C these Spring tips make wonderful concoctions from infused cocktails to Pacific Northwest syrups. Today we are making an oxymeil and a syrup.

Douglas Fir Oxymeil

An oxymeil is a preparation of vinegar and honey (although I have also seen them using other sugars). The process is pretty simple and makes for wonderful vinegar immune shots (if you are on the apple cider vinegar shot bandwagon). It can also be used in stir frys, drizzled on top rice, and added with oil to offer a unique salad dressing.

  • Bruise the fresh clipped Douglas Fir tips (after washing and removing any resin and nodules)

  • Try and pack as much into a ball/mason jar as possible to prevent excess air and provide a higher potency.

  • Fill the jar 3/4 or more full with vinegar. I use unfiltered apple cider vinegar, but for our home herbalist we recommend using whatever you have available.

  • Top of the rest with honey.

  • Add a piece of parchment paper to the top (the vinegar will rust a metal lid) and cap it.

  • Shake everyday for a week or so. You are welcome to taste test along the way. Once you get it to where you like it, filter out the marc and rebottle.

  • We recommend keeping it in the fridge to prevent molding (which happens when there is marc left in the final product).

Douglas Fir Syrup

Douglas Fir syrups are simple and delicious (as with many of the evergreen syrups). Try adding it to your vodka/gin + soda and a twist of lemon. They are wonderful drizzled over fresh strawberries and creme fraiche. Or try them on toast!

  • Bruise freshly picked fir tips in a ball/mason jar, packed as much as you can.

  • Top with sugar making sure all the needles are covered.

  • Cap it with a lid and shake everyday.

  • This syrup takes a bit longer than our flower syrups to form. Normally within a week you will start seeing the liquid goodness. It is the water content in the fresh tips that provide the menstrum to create the liquid gold.