Dandelion Capers

Dandelion Capers

While I would have rather been out hiking and scoping out the wildflowers, I spent the morning doing a bit of back yard foraging for dandelion buds in order to make fancy backyard capers.


  1. Ferment the buds in a 2% brine solution. How to create a 2% brine solution you ask? 2% brine means 20 grams of salt per liter of water. We do recommend that you have a kitchen scale at home for measuring weights, which makes things significantly easier. You can either measure out and make the solution first, or eyeball it in the jar. Measuring out the solution first gives you a more accurate approach of course.

  2. Traditional brine methods also has you boiling the water with the salt in order for it to completely dissolve before adding to the jar of ingredients. This also helps kill off any unwanted bacteria that might be still on the buds.

  3. If you want the “wing it” method we recommend around 2 cups of dandelion buds, to 1 cup of water, to 2 tsp of salt. We are using a traditional ferment here so no vinegar was added, but you could do it that way too.

  4. I added a couple garlic cloves, crushed chili, and chive buds for flavor.

  5. For a nice firm texture you want the smallest tightest roundest buds picked near the bottom of the rosette. Some of these are probably a bit bigger than I would have liked.

  6. Let ferment for at least 7-10 days, then start testing them out. You can keep the in the fridge if you would like to keep them for longer (before opening) we recommend going through the canning hot bath method.