Crystalized Rose Petals

Crystalized Rose Petals

For this recipe we used the ornamental rose variety due to their large petals and bold color. While these are still edible, they are not as potent (due to the limited volatile oils they contain) as the wild mountain rose.


  • 1 handful of rose petals, washed and patted dry (2-3 roses)

  • 2 egg whites, slightly whipped

  • 1c powdered sugar


  • After you wash and pat dry the petals, whip up the egg whites

  • The original recipe recommends “painting” the egg whites onto the petals. I however, lacking patience, decided to just dump the entire handful of rose petals into the bowl and gently swirl it around. It seemed to work fine and was significantly faster.

  • Lay out on parchment paper so that no petals are overlapping.

  • Take a sifter and dust the powdered sugar over the petals. Once covered, flip over and dust again.

  • Let dry for a minimum of 3 hours in a slightly warm room or an oven on warm setting (or if you have a pilot light)

  • Voila! Decorate as you wish. Store them in an air tight container.