Corn Silk

Corn Silk

Common name Corn Silk

Latin name Zea mays

Parts used Stigma

System affinities

Corn silk is particularly sympathetic to the Lower Digestive System and particularly the kidneys.  

Energetics/characteristics/flower essence/dosha

The silk is cooling and moistening. It is indicated for the kapha dosha to combat fluid retention.  However, it can also be indicated for the pitta dosha as a mode of removing excess heat.


Corn silk is sweet and fibrous.  


It is often indicated for urinary complaints such as Incontinence, stones, and excess retention.  It also is indicated for an enlarged prostate.



The use of corn silk as a form of remedy for urinary inflammation or as poultice to be applied over bruises and swellings has been tracked back to the Mayans, Incans and other American native peoples. It was also the Native Americans who showed the Europeans how to brew a healing tea from the strands of corn.


Corn, Zea mays, is native to Central America and the Andes, but it can now be found being cultivated in warm climates around the world