Summer Wellness

Summer Wellness

Summer is filled with abundant energy, long days and sunshine. Yang energy abounds which means it is a time of heat, outgoingness and expansion. Plants grow quickly, the weather is hot, and we are drawn outdoors. The heart, mind, and spirit are ruled by the fire element of summer.  Yang energy (fire) is a great motivational force if you take the time to stay calm and cool and make sure Yang does not come into excess.

To stay balanced in summer:

·       Awaken earlier with the sun, go to be later and rest mid-day. If a nap is not possible seek a bit of time to be still.  

·       During hot spells indigestion can easily occur. Eating lighter in summer feels intuitive.  Emphasize cooling Yin foods.  Green foods and foods high in water are the coolest such as melons, cucumbers lettuce watercress, peaches, mint, and dill. 

·       Stay hydrated. Add fresh cooling herbs to your water or make a batch of herbal iced tea such as Shirlee’s Summer Cooler.

·       If you over-heat easily take preventative measures; Keep a mister in the refrigerator and spray on pulse points.  Items in the Summer Wellness Share including in Shirlee’s Summer Cooler, Peach Leaf Elixir, Elderflower Beehive and Wild Rose Cooling Tonic can all help bring your temperature down. 

·       The heat and energy of the season can make us quick to temper and easily agitated. If you are feeling irritated stay calm and refrain from anger, you may have to remind yourself that the cause could be excess Yang energy.  Peach Leaf Elixir and Wild Rose Cooling tonic both soothe heat induced irritation. 


Live in harmony and enjoy the adventure of summer!