Care through Winter

Care through Winter

Mid-Winter.  The days are still short.  The holidays can leave your energy drained.  It normal to need more sleep this time of year.

Too often during this cold and grey season do we struggle with energy and sagging spirits.  This time of year it is so important to focus on self-care to nourish your body and mind.  

This Winter Wellness Guide outlines a few simple steps to maintain heath and wellness this season. 

Slow down: Winter is the time when the natural world rests and regenerates.  It is important that we do too. Nourish yourself in winter by taking the time to slow down, to rest, and reflect. Find opportunities to breathe the crisp fresh air and appreciate the beauty of the season.  Integrate warming and tonic herbs into your daily routine. Multitasking and taking on too much at one time increases stress.

Eat warming foods such as soup, stew, and chili adding warming spices such as ginger and turmeric.   

Nourish your skin: Cold dry weather and dry heat from our furnaces is hard on your skin during winter.  Support your skin by using soap that is free of SLS and detergents (these are found in most commercially made liquid and/or solid soap). Treat yourself with gentle handcrafted soaps made from olive oil and nourishing butters. Shea butter is my favorite way to moisturize and protect my skin in winter.  If your skin is excessively itchy, St. John’s Wort Oil (from the summer share) can calm redness and inflammation.  Stay hydrated and ensure you are getting enough EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids). 

and most importantly......

Let the Light In: Create your own light by inviting friends over for a shared meal with warm candles.  Don’t let the grey days bring you too far into the darkness.